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Organic yoga pants – How to identify organic cotton

Many vendors claim to the organic material is organic cotton yoga pants, but in order toavoid being taken to teach you how to identify the following organic cotton:

Product labeled as “organic cotton” this cotton production must meet four conditions:
First, raw materials must come from the established or are establishing organic agricultural production system or way of gathering wild organic natural products;
Second, product in the whole strictly must follow the production process of organic agriculture processing, packaging, storage and transportation standards;
Third, producer in the production and distribution process, improve review quality control and tracking system, a complete production and sales records files;
Fourth, must have the organic cotton certificated by independent certification bodies and certification.

Color organic cotton, the cultivation of organic cotton and textile process to maintain the natural characteristics of the existing chemical synthetic dyes can stain them. Only natural vegetable dyes used for natural dyeing. After natural organic cotton dyed there will be more color to meet more needs.

Organic colored cotton is a new type of fiber has natural color cotton. Compared with ordinary cotton, with soft, breathable, flexible, comfortable wearing characteristics, it is also known as the higher level of eco-cotton. And it has known as zero-pollution. Because organic colored cotton is natural, it reduced the serious pollution and damage production in the dyeing process of the carcinogenic substances, while printing on the environment.

It is estimated that 25 brands and companies use 58% of the world’s biological cotton fiber. Estimated By the use of volume, the top 5 to use of organic cotton in 2001 the world famous textile brand name U.S. Patagonia, Switzerland Coop Schweiz, USA Nike, Germany and the German Otto Hess Natur, the UK’s Marks & Spencer, Migros Switzerland, is the year of the organic Cotton uses large. The use of organic cotton in 2005 five more brands were as follows: U.S. Nike, Switzerland’s Coop, American Patagonia, the German Otto, U.S. Sam’s Club / Wal-Mart.

The GTOS certified product, we can GTOS official website of the public database to verify the validity of its certification. Note also check GTOS certification areas, if access to the GOTS certification processing field, but on behalf of manufacturers with the ability of processing of organic cotton products, does not necessarily prove that the sale of certified organic cotton for the GTOS products. Compared with conventional cotton, organic cotton grown without pesticides and herbicides, while the use of organic fertilizers, so need to invest more manpower for management, planting costs much higher than ordinary cotton. We buy organic cotton products, products for the price too low to be vigilant.