Women yoga pants 100% organic cotton

Organic cotton is based on organic fertilizer, biological pest management, natural farming in agricultural production, It is not allowed to use of chemical products, the cotton is all-natural from seed to produce pollution-free production.

Organic cotton is a natural environment-friendly textile raw material, organic cotton have a soft and gentle touch, relax people have full feeling closer to nature, this distance contact with nature, can release stress, nourish the soul energy. For yoga practitioners organic cotton yoga pants is the best clothing options. And organic cotton has good air permeability, warm, absorbent quick-drying, not sticky and not greasy thus advantages, it does not produce static electricity.

If someone has skin allergies you must choose organic cotton yoga pants, due to no chemical drug residues, organic cotton production and process will not induce allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis.

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